Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Suck

As reported by Eldar Saphic:

Completed The Suck event! One of the toughest challenges in the nation created by Joe Decker. It is a 14 hour race from hell where one has to carry two fifty pound sand bags, backpack, a tire, sledge hammer, enough food and water, while climbing steep hills, crossing channels of water, and running in the wilderness at night- but it did not stop there. Our recovery time was hundreds of pushups with the fifty pound back pack, burpees, crunches, jumping jacks, and numerous other things which I can’t remember due to hypoxia. The group consisted of true super athletes, death racers, endurance runners, sprinters, and marines. The race started at 7PM in the middle of nowhere and carried on till 9AM. The base camp was 50 feet from the “End of the World,” sign-somewhere miles away from nowhere in hobbit land that still has not been discovered by the lord of the rings. It was pouring rain with a thunder storm and tornado watch deciding to be a part of the competition. It was dark, cold, wet, and miserable. Fun time! The spectators …copper head snakes, humongous vultures, and animal eyes glowing in the dark all around were cheering us on throughout the night. We started as a group but adventully separated from each other throughout the night, carrying buckets with fifty pound sand bags, tires and other gear while walking through knee to hip deep muddy cold channels in the middle of night makes you think of a lot of things in life, especially the things humans take for granted. Joe Decker does not tell you where the start and where the finish line is…it truly mimics true life. You don’t know where and when you are going to be born or how long you will last on the journey. My goal was to finish it…and I did it! Our goal was also to start a fire in the middle of the thunder storm, with everything wet including the matches….but we did it.. as a team we ended up building a bon fire:) “That is how winning is done!.” Will never forget the time spent with the team. Even though it was partially a competition the group was very supportive of each other and without each other’s support none of us would have made it. Great job to all of the participants and finishers! You are the true athletes! Thanks to Joe and Nicole Decker for making this event truly memorable. My knees will remember you till the rest of my life. For those who want to step it up a notch or I should say 100 notches, or for those who would like to find what they are truly made out of, they should try The Suck! What a great weekend! Gut Check style! Great job once again!
— with Joe Decker.

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